LAWPRO has teamed up with Rural Development Companies and the LEADER programme to deliver catchment-based water and biodiversity training. This training is free for individuals and groups within the local area covered by the respective Rural Development Company.

The training comprises eight modules and aims to increase the knowledge within local communities in the following areas:

  • The value and benefit of conserving and maintaining healthy natural waters in the region
  • Promoting sustainable water-based activities
  • Citizen science
  • Communities delivering bottom-up approaches to water quality conservation and protection.

Participants will gain detailed knowledge of their local water bodies and the issues affecting water quality. They will develop citizen science skills to study a waterbody more closely and prepare local water quality and biodiversity action plans. The training is suitable for Tidy Towns, local community councils, sports clubs, farmers, anglers and anyone interested in making their local area a better place.

LAWPRO in association with IRD Duhallow have developed this training programme, which was launched on 21/04/21. the first complete programme is being rolled out by IRD Duhallow across 9 locations covering 33 community areas and will be one of the most comprehensive Water and Biodiversity training undertaken in the country to date. If you are in the Duhallow area are encouraged to get in touch with IRD Duhallow by phone at: 02960633 or visit them online via the link below: https://www.irdduhallow.com/events/community-water-biodiversity-training-e2-80-99/

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, the training will take place online until such a time as outdoor field work can take place. The training programme will be available in other locations. We will provide details of further training across the country as they arise. Watch this space!

Alternatively, check with your local development company for details of training in your local area