The 31 local authorities coordinate water quality management across a five-region structure: Border, Midlands and EastSouth EastSouth West and West. The structure allows for collaboration and knowledge sharing relating to the delivery of improvement measures at both regional and local levels. This ensures a consistent approach across the regions (and, for the Border committee, engagement also with Northern Ireland agencies). LAWPRO provides a secretariat to both the Regional Management Committees and Regional Operational Committees. 

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Regional Water and Environment Management Committees

A local authority Chief Executive chairs each of the five Regional Management Committee (RMC). The committees are a vital link between decision making at higher levels in the RBMP Governance Structure and implementation of plans by local authorities. A regional operational committee supports each regional management committee.

Regional Operational Committees

Each of the five regions has a Regional Operational Committee (ROC), with membership including operational staff from the respective local authorities and 23 different public bodies. A Director of Services chairs these committees, which allow for effective knowledge transfer and tracking of progress on implementation of measures set out in the RBMP.


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