Step 1 – Planning Stage

  • Have a clear vision for project outcomes – benefits for water quality, water awareness, the local environment, and local community.
  • Discuss this vision with your local Community Water Office to develop ideas for promoting the project achievements and to share experiences and learnings.
  • Using a mobile phone, take photographs (and/or videos) of locations related to the project prior to any activities. Save these for inclusion with project completion report.


Step 2 – Project Stage

  • Document progress of your project through photographs and short video clips.
  • Discuss progress of your project with your Community Water Officer and identify ways to promote the progress.
    • Possible local press release
    • Social media
      • Facebook: @LAWPROteam
      • Twitter: @WatersProgramme
      • #LAWPROfund
    • Radio
    • Newsletter
    • Photographs
    • Videos and testimonials from key people involved
    • Acknowledge the support of LAWPRO and other funders
    • Use of LAWPRO Logo as appropriate (available on )

Step 3 – Project Completion Stage

  • Complete Grant Drawdown Form (available on ) and submit by 15th Nov. This will include information on:
    • Title of project
    • Acknowledgement of support by any groups, businesses, or individuals
    • Key outcomes – benefits for local waterbody, biodiversity, community, etc.
    • Details of how the project was promoted
    • Financial Reporting including invoices and evidence of payment
    • Any next steps or plans for the future
  • Using the above information and photos of the project issue a press release with the support of your Community Water Officer. Post on social media and tag LAWPRO
    • Facebook: @LAWPROteam
    • Twitter: @WatersProgramme
    • #LAWPROfund