The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) is a Local Authority shared service with 60 specialist staff from a broad range of backgrounds and expertise. Our staff are based within 13 different local authority centres nationwide.

The European Union Water Framework Directive places statutory obligations on Member States and local authorities for the development and implementation of River Basin Management Plans. LAWPRO is coordinating the LAs response to these obligations through a new approach that includes five themes:

  • Programme Coordination
  • Community Engagement
  • Catchment Science
  • Governance
  • Innovation
  Rationale Methods Outcomes

Fostering cooperation between local authorities and relevant public bodies

LAs and public bodies working collaboratively for better water quality and biodiversity. Regional Management and Operational Structures
  • Greater Knowledge Transfer
  • Shared vision and goals

Supporting communities and stakeholders to get involved in caring for local waterbodies

Bottom-up approach involving communities and stakeholders in integrated catchment management. Better understanding of local issues and concerns Local engagements, meetings, and events. Consultations and two-way dialogue.Listening to local communities. Community-led water related initiatives and projects.>Giving communities a voice in water quality matters.Building community resilience and capacity.
Catchment Science

Catchment Management and Science in Priority Areas for Action

Leading the way with catchment science. Guidance for LA staff, relevant agency, and stakeholders on issues identified and solutions Desk studies and Local Catchment Assessments. Community Information Meetings Referrals and final reports. Detailed assessment in PAAs and waterbody scale.Stakeholder and community engagement.
Knowledge transfer.
WFD Governance

Drivers of effective governance for WFD implementation in Ireland.

Support the DHLGH and EPA in meeting national obligations for better water quality and LAWPRO as conduits for information flow within the WFD Governance Structure. Attendances at relevant regional and national meetings and committees. Linking bottom-up concerns to top-down governance. Giving communities a voice in high-level decision making.

Continual learning from experience, evolving, and changing our approach, as necessary.

Pioneering catchment science and community engagement and consultation. Allowing in-house expertise to develop. Building on experiences to date. Networking to share knowledge. Harnessing new ideas and developments. LAWPRO as leaders in catchment science and community engagement in the LA sector. Knowledge transfer across LA sector.