Press Release: LAWPRO opens grants scheme of €30,000 for Water Heritage Day 2024

Community groups are invited to host an event during National Heritage Week

Friday, 28th of June 2024: The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) encourages community groups to apply under the ‘Water Heritage Day Grants Scheme 2024’ to celebrate Water Heritage Day on Sunday the 25th of August.  LAWPRO is a national shared service working on behalf of the 31 local authorities in Ireland coordinating efforts to achieve good water quality across the country.

To make an application see: LAWPRO Small Grants and Events Scheme 2024 | Online Consultation Portal of the Waters and Communities Office

Speaking about the €30,000 grants scheme Anthony Coleman, Director of Services at LAWPRO said: “We are delighted to once again invite community groups to organise a water related event for Heritage Week. The theme of Heritage Week 2024 is “Connections, Routes & Networks” and our rivers play a big part in the connectivity of our island. In historic times they were networks for movement, trading and exploration.

Water Heritage Day gives communities a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our heritage through water whether it be hosting a river safari, a talk at the riverside or launching a booklet on a local waterway there are ample ways to get involved.”

You are asked to consult with your local Community Water Officer in advance of making an application. Their contact details are on our website here: Communities Team – Local Authority Water Programme ( The deadline for making an application is Tuesday, 16th of July 2024.

Virginia Teehan, CEO of the Heritage Council welcomes LAWPRO’s grant programme. “Water Heritage Day continues to be a significant highlight during National Heritage Week every year, showcasing the creative and ingenious ways communities celebrate the impact of canals, lakes, rivers, and the sea on our local heritage. This year, particularly given the theme of ‘Connections, Routes, and Networks’, I am excited to see what kinds of events we see for Water Heritage Day. This LAWPRO grant scheme will enable people to explore and highlight our water-based connections, emphasising how vital they are to our natural heritage. It’s a wonderful opportunity for event organisers to avail of supports that will encourage them to dive into our shared history and appreciate the incredible resource our waters provide.”

LAWPRO works in partnership with the Heritage Council, and to run a Heritage Week event you are encouraged to register your event on their website here:

By submitting an event on the Heritage Week website and receiving a LAWPRO grant, you could also be in with a chance to win a Water Heritage Award in 2024, for more information on the awards visit: National Heritage Week Awards | National Heritage Week 17th – 25th August 2024