One Day Conference: Nature Based Solutions

Nature-based solutions conference

Nature Based Solutions to protect and restore water quality.

Nature-based solutions if delivered appropriately, can significantly contribute to addressing multiple societal challenges. The International Union of Conservation Concern estimate that one third of climate mitigation needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement can be provided by Nature-based Solutions. Mitigation against pollution, coastal erosion, flooding as well as public well being are all potential benefits. However how we plan for, design and roll out Nature-based Solutions is critical. If Nature-based solutions are to be delivered to their fullest potential there must be a clear understanding of what they are and how they can be implemented into projects at different scales.

This one day conference draws together international and Irish experts to share their experiences and visions for the upscaling and mainstreaming of Nature-based Solutions. The conference will focus current experiences relevant to urban, rural and coastal areas, drawing from practical on the ground examples, with an examination of policy drivers and how opportunities can be grasped to ensure that the scale of ambition needed is optimised.

This conferences builds on workshops and learnings held as part of the Resiriver Interreg V programme.

Target Audience: those aiming to incorporate Nature Based Solutions into their work programmes.

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To register for the conference please visit: Register for Nature Based Solutions Conference – Thursday 16 May 2024 | Online Consultation Portal of the Waters and Communities Office

To learn more about Nature Based Solutions see here.