Local Authority Catchment Science and Management Course

This Course will comprise three Modules:

  1. Module 1 (2021/22) – Setting the Scene, Catchment Science and Pressures
    • To concentrate on the fundamental catchment science aspects and deal with the various pressures.
    • To provide supporting information for the development of operational work plans.
    • Six morning sessions over a five-week period via ZOOM. (3 days)
  2. Module 2 (2022/23) – Characterisation and Field Element
    • Characterisation is critical to providing the understanding on which protection and mitigation actions/measures are based; 3 days, one of which will be a field trip, will outline and consider all the various desk and field aspects.
    • Two full training days in training centres and one field day. (3 days)
  3. Module 3 (2022/23) – Protection and Mitigation
    • Outline a recommended approach, with some examples, to decide on protection and mitigation strategies and measures/actions. In particular, it will cover public engagement and collaboration.

This course is for professionals working in the Local Authority Sector. If you have questions or comments on any of the course material please email csmtraining@lawaters.ie


  1. Volume 1: An Overview of Catchment Science and Management
  2. Volume 2: Pressures and Catchment Walks
  3. Volume 3: Observed Indicator Features and Catchment Walks
  4. Volume 4: Measured Indicator Parameters – Catchment Walks
    1. Appendix C –  Catchment Walk Field Sheet
      Field Sheet PDF
      Field Sheet XLS
    2. Appendix D
      2019 06 10_ECO_WG_BN004_FPM River Survey Protocol F01
      2020 07 01 RA Updated F01
      2021 05 24 SSIS Updated F01
      2021 10 05 Acute Toxicity Guidance F01
      2021_02_23_Blue_Dot_Bn0001_Interpretation of SSIS in Blue Dot Rivers F01
      2021_10_06_ECO_WG_BN001_Interpretation of SSIS Scores_F02
      Biological_Indicators-lookups-SSIS_V3 – PDF
      Biological_Indicators-lookups-SSIS_V3 – XLS
      Field Guide – Biological Indicators_V1.3_2021
  5. Volume 5: Urban Local Catchment Assessments

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CSM Module 1 Day 1


CSM Module 1 Day 2



CSM Module 1 Day 3


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CSM Module 1 Day 5


CSM Module 1 Day 6


Urban Catchment Assessment

In June 2018, the Investigative Assessment Working Group chaired by the EPA developed a five-volume Local Catchment Assessment (LCA) Guidance (Volume 5 of LS CSM guidance).  A companion document specifically focussing on the environmental pressures that are mostly associated with urban areas, i.e. cities and towns, but may also be present in larger population centres within rural areas was developed by CDM Smith in 2019, with the input of the Urban Local Catchment Assessment Working Group.  The guidance has been included as Volume 6 to the existing LCA guidance and is available here.

The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) commissioned an online training programme to compliment the Urban LCA guidance.  It comprises of Seven modules with video and PowerPoint presentations below.  There was a Live Questions and Answers session on the 15th December 2020 and the video is available for review below.

Course participants that have viewed all videos and participated fully in the training programme will receive a certificate of completion.

Urban Pressure LCA Online Training