Important announcement: Community Water Development Fund deadline extended

Important announcement:

The deadline for our Community Water Development Fund has been extended from Tuesday, 8th Feb to Tuesday, 15th March 2022 at 12 noon.

This is to facilitate Public Meetings on the draft River Basin Management Plan 2022-2027 which run until 11th March and to enable our Community Water Officers to actively engage with groups in advance of the deadline. It will also give groups an opportunity to develop higher standard applications.

To learn more about our Fund, Public Meetings or to make a submission on the draft River Basin Management Plan please see: Local Authority Waters Programme – Local Authority Water Programme (

You can register or login to your account and submit your application any time before Tuesday, 15th March at 12 noon.

When you have your application ready to submit please do so and we can work on the screening process. Remember to save as you go.
If you accidently press submit and want to add any supporting information you may do so before 15th March by emailing it to: .

If you have technical problems please email . If you have project specific queries, please contact the Community Water Officer covering your area.
Best of luck with your application.