Water dragons: Wetlands and dragonflies

2nd February 2022 - 2nd February 2022

This is an event to mark World Wetlands Day 2nd February 2022

This online event will discuss the role that wetlands play in supporting some of our more iconic aquatic biodiversity. Focusing on dragonflies and damselflies, we will examine what is known about them, their diversity, the role of the citizen scientist and how people can get involved in surveying them. The discussion will also include a focus on water quality, what we can do to enhance their distribution and habitats.
Dave Wall from the National Biodiversity Data Centre will lead out with a presentation on the work being carried out by the NBDC and supported by the EPA. Dr. Hugh Feeley of the EPA and Dr. Fran Igoe or the Local Authority Waters Programme will join the conversation to discuss water quality and habitat restoration considerations.

The session and Q&A will be chaired by Jim Finn, Tipp FM Radio Presenter of the Ag- Report.

To join the event on the 2nd February at 7:30PM please click here https://bit.ly/32tSc3M